Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kuala Lumpur to Bandung

I just came back today after spending 5 days in Bandung. She remains pretty much the place for a cool holiday since I was last in Bandung in 2008.

The cool air makes learning very condusive, as people are always fresh.  There is no need for air-conditioning or fan where I was.

Having been invited to BRC, I took an early flight to Bandung on the 14th October, reaching there in the evening. As the time in Bandung is one hour behind Malaysia, at 6.30PM, it was already dark. It was also because of the rainy season in Bandung.

The early morning was filled with a live radio interview on  MQ FM. Listerners called in after listening to our chat on beauty facial acupuncture. After finishing the radio interview, I was chauffeur driven to BRC to conduct a course on Beauty Facial Acupuncture - aptly named Botok Akupuntur.The theory part was done in the morning and continued after lunch. then came the practical part where everyone paticipating were eager to try on their friends' place. That was the fun part. After that, 2 participants stood up to to share their comments and experience that day. Alhamdullilah, I received many positive comments as they are happy to learn what they have not learnt aforehand.

Facial acupuncture leaves the face feeling tight and the fine lines can be smoothen over a few sessions of acupunture. The natural effects could last for a month depending on one's lifestyles. For those wishing to look more radiant, they can try acupunture every week. Minimumly, at a space of 3 days.