Monday, June 2, 2008


MODERN times, modern stress. Each day is a stress, especially for those living in BIG cities. Globally, everybody have some sort of stress. Those who live well, look radiant, have some secrets to their good health and looks.Perhaps these are some of them:

1. Take life one day at a time
Try to enjoy every moment of living. Appreciate every good things that come your way. When you live in fear of losing something, then you never really live.

2. Remember to keep breathing
Take a deep breath, every half and hour or so. It fills up your lungs and take out some of the stress with it.

3. Be thankful for what you have
Yup, right up to the speck of food that goes into your mouth. Some people fell sick and that's when they realized that every single thing that they are able to do while healthy is actually a blessing. Just like being able to breathe. (No coughs , no phleghms, etc)

4. Love yourself and people around you
When you love yourself, you treat yourself better. It reflects. People see that love radiating from you. In return, people around you love being around you because you share that loving feeling. Give the best that you can, the real value you create can never be diminished

5. Look out for the positve side
Be on the look out for positive things. Even if you had an accident, your car is dented. Look at it positively. If it is not your car, it could have been you. You might now want to repaint you car in your favourite shade!

Things will come and go. It is how you take it, will make every day much less of a stress.
Now, BREATHE!!!!