Sunday, June 21, 2009

Your CHOICE saves million lives

I was promoting my HPA business in a shopping centre last week. The response was good in the sense of sales and sponsoring new business partners. There were four of us working from late morning till 9PM.

Our table was just opposite KFC, across the walking path in the shopping complex. As I sat down to catch my breathe, I observed that there were many families having their dinner in KFC. There were many more fathers and mothers in queue, waiting for their turn to order the food. Sadly, the majority of those customers of KFC are Muslims. They seemed to have forgotten about the sufferers of Palestine and the merciless Zionists. The events that had happenned were much highlighted in the front pages of local and international tabloids. Many marched the streets to protest and some went to Palestine to brave the bulldozers. (search for the videos in YouTube). More people protested by boycotting companies which sent money to the Zionist regime or are allies of the Zionist (the USA is the main example).

You can find among the list, is KFC which originates from USA. Many people argued that the Malaysian KFC is the local franchise which has nothing to contribute to USA and the Zionist. Check again!

Well, last year Radix Fried Chicken (RFC) , the subsidiary company of HPA Industries Sdn Bhd was sent a letter by the KFC of USA, demanding RFC to change its RED signboard and the whole outlet colours. KFC of USA says that RED is its business trade mark. (As if, RED belongs to KFC only!). So, how come the KFC of USA is involved in the business of companies in Malaysia?

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Mission & Vision of HPA

(from my point of view)

HPA is a company, founded by Tn Haji Ismail Ahmad. Its operation began 20 years ago in Perlis, a state in the north of Malaysia. Tn Hj Ismail is a man with great vision, that is to help the ummah. HPA's products grew from one to 500 products today. HPA mission is to provide HALAL and THOYYIB food to Muslims, especially those living in Malaysia.

We have witnessed today the influx of unhealthy food such as dubious halal qualityburgers, chemical laden and sugar loaded soft drinks and fish balls mixed with pork intestines. In the farms, chickens which are given antibiotics are also fed with fattening stocks which is harmful to the pancreas. Worst of all,the chickens are also improperly slaughtered and sold to unsuspecting Muslims. The storage of chicken side by side to non-Halal meat is another matter to be concerned with.

In the aspects of Halal and Thoyyib concept, consumer products must be hygienely prepared and made/ prepared by the hands of the Muslim. This is to ensure that the consumer products are always in accordance to the syariat.

The more we support HPA, by buying from her, the more Halal and Thoyyib products will be available far and wide, safe for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. How do you support HPA? Buy from any HPA branches or kiosks. For more benefits to the family, sign up as a member today. A lifetime membership for RM30 only.

HPA has also set up its own Syariah panel consisting of scholars of the Islamic subjects.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Searching For A Cure

I have come across various types of medicines and healers. Common today are the doctors and the western medicines, whom are trying their best to cure age old illnesses and new pandemics!

Sometimes we go through much trouble in our quest to find a cure. For example, we may be living in Kuala Lumpur, but we travel 8 to 10 hours of journey to the East Coast. Just because, someone said that there could be a solution there. Little do we know, that the cure is right in front of our nose. It could be in our little garden or growing besides the drain.

For those sufferring ghouts, the solution to your pain is PAPAYA or the local language calls it 'betik'. Just look around you, there are many plants which could provide the cure and it could cost you nothing at all!

Much forgotten during our pain and agony is the ever powerful PRAYER. For Allah hears your every little thoughts deep in your heart, as mentioned in Surah Al-Mulk. Coupled with good intentions and much prostrations to Allah the Al-Mighty, you may be served with a cure in the blink of an eye! The cure could come in many forms, believe me.

To experience it yourself, pray with all your sincerity. Learn up from all the kitab. Especially, the Al-Quran, read it and understand it. Everything is inside the Al-Quran. Go slowly, you may find a cure from a heartburn to a heartbreak. InsyaAllah.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Radix Cola, THE soft drink that brings you freshness.
What makes it special? Concocted with herbs, it beats the usual cola drink in the market. A healthier choice of carbonated drink, less sugar but with more ENERGY.

As the festive season of Ramadhan and Hari Raya Aidilfitri is approaching, do place your orders here.
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The price :

RM3.50 for a bottle of 1.5 litre
RM43 for a carton of 12 bottles of 1.5 litre

RM2.30 for a bottle of 500 ML
RM55.20 for a carton of 24 bottles of 500 ML

Other flavours are also available : Orange, Sarsi, Ice Cream Soda

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