Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Gastronomic Engagements

My last trip up to the North was filled with a few objectives. First, to be in Alor Setar for Eid Adha celebrations with my Mom in law (i am daughter out of law, hee hee!). Second, while driving up, we will stop by to savour the food at the newly opened RADIX PIZZA!

We woke up early and pushed off from home on a Thursday morning. While getting out of our area, hubby stopped to fill in the petrol. Next stop at HPA Branch, to buy some supplies like Radix Cola, IMT Drinks, Spirulina, Kacang Potong ( a mix of nuts and brown sugar, i think) - all for the road. It took us about 4 hours from Jalan Duta toll to Kedah. Enroute, I redirected the driver (my hubby) to Sg. Petani Utara. As we all hungry, the only place I could think of, to have lunch is at RADIX PIZZA HOUSE of course.

There are an array of food on our table - Chicken Soup of the day, Radix Chicken Supreme, Radix Hawaiian Pizza, Radix Spaggeti Bolognaise and Seafood Fettucini. Savoured to the last bite. Top it all off with Radix Chocolate Float. Yummy!

The trip lasted for a few days, on the second last day of our stay, we took the family to Perlis, to see some snakes at the Taman Ular (Snake Garden). All sorts of live snake species and some other mammals.

 After educational walk, our tummies were growling again, this time we looked for Radix Chicken House.

After searching high and low, at last we found the outlet and quickly ordered chicken rice meals for 15 pax!

After quickly finishing off the late lunch, we took a trip to Rimba Herba Perlis, unfortunately, we could not get in as it was closed. However, we just got to pose for a picture outside its gate. Enroute is a grape plantation?

My little daughter who is 4 years old, developed a fever because of the heat and being on the road for a few days. I quickly gave her IMT DRINK from HPA, to cool her fever and in the evening, she was alright again. Whenever one of my family members started to have sore throat, I would resort to IMT Drink. It restores the balance in the body's temperature and at the same time works well on the lympathic system. The cost ? RM3.50!

All well ends well. Alhamdullilah, we got home safely after spending 4 days away from home.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Halal Water Filter & Dew Cartridge

Good news! THERE IS A HALAL water filter in the market. At last! Marketed by HPA Industries Sdn Bhd, the end user price is just RM900.

It is amazing, for that low price in the market, the water quality is good and taste delicious.

The filter only requires a minimum of one cartridge per year, at a cost of RM98 ONLY! Compare that to most water filters in the MLM market. Normally, the price ranges from RM2000 to RM3000.

As the water's PH reading is almost 10, it assist in improving health for different types of  illnesses such as joint pain, cancerous cells, high blood pressure, diabetes, gall bladder stones, ghout, neutralising body acidity,, etcetera.

It is basically maintenance free and economical as it does not  require electricity.
The Dew Filter has undergone SIRIM labotary testing.

Good quality and economical, safe and HALAL (no animal bones).

Order one today at RM900 only. Contact Kaiyisah 012-335 6005.
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