Sunday, April 27, 2008

Heatlh is related to Food

Yesterday, I had the priviledge to visit Dr Zainol. The man responsible for promoting halal and healthy chicken. I was at his shop in Taman Nirwana, Ampang. We chatted over an hour while he was manning his shop. People came into the shop non stop while we were chatting and the phones kept ringing. (His mobile and the shop's telephone)

Despite his busy morning, he managed a great smile and shared some great information on eating healthily. Dr Mohamad Zainol Abdul Haja, 49, is a PhD holder in Economics and only after that obtained his degree in Medicine. He said that the chicken that he rears are real herbal organic kampung chicken.

They are not fed with harmful pellets nor injected with antibiotics which could really be harmful to humans when consumed over a long period of time. Visit for more ,information.

I liked talking Dr Zainol as he is passionate about his subject matter. Wished I have the courage to do and go that path in life.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Being Healthy

Good health starts from the mind. A healthy mind is a good breeding ground for good physical and mental health. How do we achieve that? A healthy mind is a sound mind. A sound mind comes from positive mind. duh

What generates a positive mind and how does one stay positive? It all comes with hard work, I can assure you that. Just as you want to stay slim or lose weight, you need discipline in your diet and discipline in carrying out your exercise regime. So is in the case of maintaining a positive mind? What is a positive mind anyway?

My version of a positive mind is to have a bright outlook of things. Everything happens for a purpose. Your refrigerator might take a break, so what do you do? Kick it, scream at it?
I would just be more creative in preparing my food, to last longer, while I have it fixed. If my budget allows me, I'll go for a brand new fridge and better one too (more eco-friendly and energy saving). There comes a good reason to chuck out the old one.
Positive mind is thinking of good outcomes from an event. It takes practise and constant reminders to myself. Yeah, it is really a bold step, to stay cool when the temperature around you rise and rise. When I looked back at my angry outbursts back in my younger years, (i'm not that old yet), I could see that I lose out in more ways than I could gain. I hurt my loved ones and I was sad. It wasn't a win-win situation.

So, how do I stay positive? READ....
Read more self motivation books, share experiences with positive people. Get away from energy suckers. DO...
Do things that I'm happy about. Such as talking,playing (yes, you need to play), hopping, skipping, being cheerful. Be ready to smile.

What comes from being positive then? hey, hey, hey, you got it!
A healthy mind, much reduced stress, less grey hair, better perception to life, friends and families love you more...because you are bubbly!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My first blog

This is my first blog ever created. I would like to share with you some financial tips on how to protect your income. It will be over a few series of blogs and I hope you stay in touch with my blog.

There will be also be tips on how to increase your revenue through sound investments. How from a basic sum of money, you will make good to excellent capital gains.

For those of you,thinking of starting your own business, this blog is for you too!

That's for now... have a financially sound day!