Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Pork Mixtrad 30 is a type of Insulin used on diabetic patients. It is sourced from the pig's pancreaes. It is also known as porcine Insulin. Type I diabetic patients will have to use this insulin for their whole life time.

How long should we endure this source of "HARAM" medication? There is a serious need to look for and produce medications from HALAL resources. In critical situations, we are forced to accept insulin to prevent bigger mishaps.

The question today is, has Allah created diseases but not the antidote from Halal resources? The Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. have said with clear indications that Allah does not create antidotes/medications from Haram resources.

Let us start a search to substitue the Pork Mixtrad. One of the known herbs is called 'Daun Bongor'. It can produce 6.6 units of plantisol which has the same chemistry activities as insulin. May this herb be THE choice, one day. InsyaAllah.

Translated from Tn Haji Ismail's blog. Go to http://jawimedherb.blogspot.com for the BM version.